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Nase – Voc.
Keks – Git.
Breier – Git.
Matze Caulfield – Bass
Mike – Drums


1996 – 2003



Hated Band

Call us racist? call us sexist?
fuck you all, you ignorant scum!
If you only read half of our lyrics,
then we don’t care if you think we’re dumb!

We’re a hated band don’t care about you
Fuck you all, here’s the loser crew!
We’re kinda getting used to being misunderstood
It’s not the first time, you’re not the first one – Fuck you!

We are a hated band
Struck by slander and lies
But we’re not here to make friends
We are here to speak our minds!

The way you talk about us
We must be a real big bug in your eye
We’re only making records, though
That you don’t have to buy

Keks und Matze starteten 1998 ebenfalls Rejected Youth.